YOUR party your way!

You can customize your party with add-ons to make it the awesomest party in the history of ever! Bring the food you like to eat, or have it delivered. Bring your special touches to fit your theme (ask us how).

Our parties are an experience!

Your birthday is special and your party should be too! Have your special day in our jungle and make it the best birthday ever! You have our entire facility to yourselves so with help from our Safari Guides you can relax, have fun, and have the bestest day ever!

Our Party Room is already adorned with festive, theme-neutral decorations so your party can be any theme you like. You can add your special touches to fit your theme if you'd like (ask us how!) The Jungle Room has inflatable bounce-houses and slides. The special padded flooring helps keep everyone safe. Every so often the volcano erupts and the jungle fills with fog.

The humongous screen shows music videos or a slide-show of your pictures while you bounce to kid-friendly party music on our state of the art sound system.

Kicky & Tinks Playgouse is DisInFx Certified!

Santiized & clean facility!

For almost a decade, Kicky & Tink’s Playhouse has used a 4 stage process to keep the Playhouse germ-free. These stages are cleaning, disinfecting, testing and certification.

In addition to cleaning and sanitizing our facility between parties, all areas of Kicky & Tink’s Playhouse are treated with an antimicrobial treatment that eliminates 99.99% of all harmful microbial pathogens (including viruses such as flu and Corona viruses and bacteria such as MRSA) and inhibits future growth or cross-contamination of microbes by means of a mechanical kill process.

Also, Kicky & Tink’s Playhouse uses DISINFX, a company that specializes in illness prevention. DISINFX utilizes ATP testing as a tool to detect the presence of microbial existence on surfaces in our facility. This company then certifies the facility as Germ Expert Certified™. A facility is considered Germ Expert Certified™ when all ATP test results are under the recommended Germ Expert Threshold for the facilities’ industry. Kicky & Tink's Playhouse has received this certification every month since we've opened.

To date our test results have surpassed the requirements to be considered “food grade” by the Federal Food and Drug Administration.

We ask that you help prevent the spread of contagious viruses by remaining home if you have a fever or have had one in the last 24 hours. We also ask that you remain home if you have a persistent cough, a sore throat, runny nose or other outwards signs of illness. These are all CDC recommendations.